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    Too high a temperature of flat iron is harmful to the hair. Iron rectifier could burn curls! Therefore, device developers are taking different measures to prevent this outcome. There are three directions of movement:

    • The ability to adjust the temperature. The hotter the plates, the better the hair is straightened, but the more harmful the procedure, even when using special protective care products. Choose the minimum temperature to achieve the desired effect.
    • Use of laser generators of negative ions. The units are not always equipped with tourmaline plates, do not confuse the two concepts. The first refers to the material, and the laser is a separate device in the composition of the iron or curling iron. To get the best hair straightener that won't damage your hair visit FHI Flat Iron Reviews.
    • Application of special coatings on plates for gentle styling. The first irons tore tresses, clung, poorly glided. Thus, smoothness plays a dominant role. To do this, they began to introduce various materials of soles, as is done in ironing machines.

    The metal was replaced by light and smooth ceramics, which glides better and has less thermal conductivity, due to which hair handling becomes much more careful.


    Teflon coating makes the surface smooth and gives the product non-stick properties. Remington S 9901 is equipped with ceramic plates with a spray of nanodiamonds, in combination with Teflon this allows for uniform heating of the surface, it prevents the burning of hair even at a temperature of 230 ° C, and the plates are made narrower, which reduces the time of contact of the hair with the iron, as well as the area of ​​simultaneous exposure. A similar approach increases glide by 70% compared to pure ceramics. The Roventa Hair Iron uses copper and silicon spraying.


    Keratin spraying. This protein is inferior in strength exclusively to chitin and is part of the nails and hair of mammals. So the developers thought it better to make the surface of the plates natural! The Remington S8590 is not cheap, and this alone indicates that the technology is really good. Due to the uniformity of hair and plates, tangling is reduced, and gliding is improved.


    Tourmaline coating has an antistatic effect, which improves the shape of the hairstyle. Negative ions help retain moisture in the hair and neutralize the positive charges caused by heat. This favorably affects the condition of the hair. The Gamma 1030 / CP3TO TOURMALINE hair iron uses the remarkable quality of natural semiprecious stones.


    Titanium is applied in the form of hair spray and is a material for the manufacture of plates. Lightweight, strong and durable, guarantees a long service life of the device. Often coatings are used in combination, for example, Remington S1510. This allows you to get both durable and easily sliding antistatic coatings. The properties of the substances in the soles of the rectifiers are combined.